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We work with Game Makers
in the following disciplines.

We work with Game Makers in the following disciplines.

Immersive Technologies



2D Artist, 3D Artist, Game Artist, Environment Artist, Character Artist, Concept Artist, Prop Artist, Texture Artist, Material Artist, Lighting Artist, Pixel Artist, Illustrator, Marketing Artist, Hard Surface Artist, Weapon Artist, VFX Artist, Technical Artist, UI Artist, UX Artist, Art Director



Animator, 2D Animator, 3D Animator, Motion Capture Artist, Motion Capture Coordinator, Motion Capture Director, Technical Animator, Rigger, Animation Director



Game Designer, Cinematic Designer, Content Designer, Live-Ops Designer, Level Designer, Combat Designer, Economy Designer, Narrative Designer, Meta Designer, Sound Designer, System Designer, World Designer, Technical Designer, UI Designer, UX Designer, Design Director



Associate Producer, Producer, Project Manager, Product Manager, Lead Producer, Lead Product Manager, Executive Producer, Production Director, Director of Product



Game Programmer, Software Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Data Engineer, Network Engineer, Backend Engineer, Engine Programmer, Tools Engineer, Technical Director



QA Tester, QA Manager, QA Engineer, QA Lead



Community Manager, Social Media Manager, Brand Manager, Business Development Manager, Marketing Manager, Performance Marketing Manager, Product Marketing Manager, User Acquisition Manager (UA Manager), Data Scientist, Data Analyst, PR Manager, Marketing Director



Development Director, Head of Design, Head of QA, Head of Business Development, Head of Marketing, Head of Technology, Head of Product, Head of PR, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Chief Technical Officer (CTO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

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Google Reviews

Alexandra Zühlke

Animation Director at Klang Games

The collaboration with Haptic Recruit was smooth, professional and just all-around coherent. For a job search I would immediately work together with them again. I especially liked the fact, that they listened to all my thoughts and communicated them to the client and vice versa. In addition, you have a good sense of which job posting matches most. Keep up the good work!

João Thiago Reigota

Principal Game Engineer at Gram Games

James Jarvis did an amazing job, sending me over just real good opportunities with good match and helping throughout the whole process. Definitely someone I would recommend to work with.

Jad Deeb

Senior Technical Artist at Omeda Studios

Ross at Haptic recruit is a positive-mentality no-bs legend that will keep it short and concise. Within an extremely busy schedule he snatched me, explained the entire project and studio, got me in an interview and an accepted offer above my requested salary within a week or so all while being the nicest person on earth. What are you waiting for? connect, get recruited by, or hire the man!

Leslie Stowe

Technical Shader II at Deck Nine Games

Great recruiters - helped me get a remote job. Good communication and kept me updated throughout the whole process

Lorenzo Vecchio

Gameplay Designer at Playground Games

I had the pleasure to have James reach out to me with the intent of putting forward an opportunity that didn't fit what I wanted my career path to be. However, he has been extremely professional and understanding, quickly trying to understand what that career trajectory I wanted was. Ultimately he kept in touch, forwarding to me what has ended up being a brilliant...

Neil McFarland

Co-CEO and Co-Founder at First Light Games

Haptic have consistently found us great candidates that have helped transform our business. Haptic take the time to understand our needs and help us plan sensibly for the future. They also prep all candidates really so we don't have wasted interviews. All in all an excellent recruiter I'm happy to reccomend.

Sandy Lockie

Design Director at Quell

James was genuinely fantastic throughout the recruitment process. When he approached me, I was impressed by his deep knowledge of Quell, my profile and the games industry as a whole. He was excellent at communicating updates even if the update was “there’s no update yet but will check back in later in the week”, I felt reassuringly ....

Joe Roe

Unity Developer at Moon Studios

Alex was an absolute pleasure to deal with. From the get go, he was keen to hear what my job interests and expectations were. He also had a very good understanding of game dev terminology and industry speak and was very clear about what he had as potential job matches. Within a couple of days he had me placed at interviews...

Vitor Rodrigues

Senior Game Engineer at Quell

James helped me not only to get an awesome role, but also to hire a really good candidate. He also provided very strong candidates for the role we had open and was always ready to provide good communication with the candidates.

Cristina Edreira

Marketing Manager at Quell

I recently had the pleasure of working with an them who helped me to find a job. They ware incredibly professional and knowledgeable and wworked to ensure I had the best job search experience possible. They took the time to get to know me and my career goals. They also followed up with me regularly to ensure I was on trac....

Miha Krajnc

Senior Game Engineer at First Light Games

Haptic Recruit helped me navigate through my recruitment / interview process, and were immensely helpful throughout it. Their approach is both personal and professional, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them and their experience.

James McGuire

Senior QA Manager at Gram Games

Haptic were fantastic to work with, the communication between them and myself throughout the process was incredible. Available to every question, flexible and no nonsense in how they went about their business. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to find their next role. Special thanks to James Jarvis

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