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March 8, 2024

Our client seeks a passionate Lead Technical Audio Designer who can create exciting AAA-quality audio for their brand-new sci-fi action-adventure game.

About the Studio

The opportunity of a lifetime! Join an exciting, newly-formed studio that is comprised of industry veterans responsible for one of gaming’s most acclaimed video game series ever. Harbouring an inclusive, diverse development environment in one of Canada’s most prominent gaming hubs, this new gathering of minds will surely take the industry by storm in the coming years.

Ready to make history in gaming?

Responsibilities and Requirements

Our client seeks a passionate Lead Technical Audio Designer who can create exciting AAA-quality audio for their brand-new sci-fi action-adventure game.

You will be expected to bring audio technical strategy with the inputs of audio directors and audio engineers. You will work with technical designers and content creators to implement audio content into the game effectively to deliver a great audio experience to game players.

  • Create an exciting and effective audio technical vision with input from the audio director and engineering team.
  • Developing an interactive audio pipeline and implementing all audio content with technical designers, engineers, and content creators that effectively hits AAA quality.
  • Lead technical team members to achieve the goal strategically in time.
  • Work with relevant departments in a studio to establish an efficient audio pipeline.
  • Create a solid strategy of memory and CPU usage to hit the project’s requirement.
  • Establish an effective schedule and manage it transparently.
  • Building up an audio test strategy to manage audio bug fix works.
  • Contribute to relevant discipline workflow, including narrative and Localization pipeline.
  • Contribute to improving the audio team’s working environment.

About You

  • 7+ years of professional experience in technical audio design, including at least one AAA title.
  • Expert knowledge of Wwise implementation.
  • Professional knowledge of Unreal Engine, including blueprint.
  • Understanding of 3D spatial audio implementation.
  • Proficiency in audio memory and CPU management.
  • Understanding of narrative and localisation pipeline
  • Creative ideation for exciting audio and effective workflow.
  • Excellent communication skills.

Desirable bonus skills include the following:

  • Leadership experience to drive a team.
  • Coding knowledge.
  • Audio content creation experience.
  • Audio mixing knowledge.
  • Deep knowledge of audio hardware and software.
  • Experience in collaborating with outsourcing partners.
  • Audio bugs management experience.
  • Clear documentation capability.

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