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March 7, 2024

Innovation, state-of-the-art tech, and endless talent lie at the heart of this Swedish game development studio. Based in Stockholm and comprised of industry veterans previously working on the Battlefield series, this company is currently working on a sci-fi bloodsport, squad-based, free-to-play multiplayer shooter soon to be released. If you’re looking for a challenge that tests your technical and artistic skills or just want to work with one of the leading developers in Sweden, this is the right place to do so!

Responsibilities and Requirements 

Our client needs a talented and skilled Engagement Designer to join one of its leading game teams. Ideally, they are looking for a person who can add their knowledge, skills and experience within Meta Game, Progression, Engagement and Retention design to a team of around 100 game makers in the production phase of development of a Free-to-play PvP Action Game. 

As an Engagement Designer, you will be responsible for designing, implementing, balancing and maintaining meta-game features, including several kinds of player progression and player competition, that add to the player experience and give players meaningful goals and activities to strive for over time. 

As part of the game’s Live Service ambitions, you will work closely with the Monetisation, Game Production and Product Direction teams to analyse the performance of meta-game features to ensure that users engage and retain consistently over a long time. 

You will also work closely together with Creative and Gameplay Direction. You will work cross-collaboratively with Core Gameplay Designers and UI/UX Developers to ensure that engagement features become an attractive package that fits well with the rest of the game.

  •  Design and collaborate on metagame and progression systems and features for long-term player retention and engagement. 
  •  Articulate, pitch, and present engagement features and systems for the project to adopt and develop. 
  •  Monitor trends in engagement systems to identify best practices and achieve optimal results and innovation. 
  •  Be a stakeholder in the front end to ensure that retention and engagement features are part of a cohesive experience design. 
  •  Analyse the impact of changes in the game and identify opportunities that positively impact engagement in development and as part of the Live Service. 
  •  Track the performance of engagement and retention features and suggest alterations and improvements in a live context to achieve healthy performance indicators. 
  •  Continuously balance and optimise retention and engagement features to achieve the best player enjoyment and engagement. 

About You 

  •  3+ years or more experience in similar roles 
  •  Has shipped games AA, AAA, F2P 
  •  Has experience balancing in-game economies (XP, Reward Frequency, etc.) 
  •  Experience using analytics and telemetry to make design decisions and advise project leadership when needed 
  •  Experience working on live service game 
  •  Great cross-collaboration skills 
  •  Ability to articulate and champion features and initiatives in a diverse group of developers 
  •  Fluency in English 

Benefits and Perks


  •  Competitive salaries and bonuses 
  •  Passionate colleagues to share knowledge with 
  •  An inclusive, diverse work environment 
  •  A state-of-the-art office in the very heart of Stockholm, with incredible vistas, a terrace with baristas and food service, and a game room for you and your colleagues to enjoy 

About Us 

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