March 13, 2024

5 minutes

Haptic Recruit

Juan Jimenez

Marketing Manager

Why Did We Rebrand Ourselves?

There is always a time in life when you need to reinvent yourself.

As time passes, seeing things in a different light is a crucial skill to have. This advantage is not exclusive to the individual, as organisations, companies, and institutions also need to think out of the box to stay competitive and relevant in an increasingly globalised, ever-changing market.

Over its seven years of existence, Haptic Recruit has been one of the leading game recruiters in the world and one of the most consistently well-reviewed companies in the space. We have worked with several clients of all kinds and sizes, gaining outstanding experience and an intimate understanding of the video game industry.

Nevertheless, during the last few years, we felt our branding and marketing didn’t fully reflect our overarching growth. Considering you need to stay ahead of the times – and the competition – we decided the time was right for a rebranding.

This is how Haptic Recruit, the world’s most well-reviewed gaming recruitment company, became Haptic, the only gaming recruiter you will ever need.

Going back to the drawing board

It was crucial for us to establish a new visual language that brought our logo to contemporary necessities and tastes. Gin Büro understood the mission perfectly

To properly rebrand our company and deliver a professional-quality product, we first needed the right provider for the job. We found that expert in the guise of Gin Büro, a small collective design agency specialising in brand and website design with more than three years of experience in the tech industry.

From the beginning, we fell in love with Gin Büro’s unique understanding of the gaming visual language and ingenious way to solve visual communication issues. They were beneficial throughout the design process, giving our new logo the minimalist, elegant flavour needed to reflect our new brand ideals more effectively.

All of this resulted in what’s probably the slickest, cleanest image Haptic Recruit has had in its short history – and one that, if you have been following our social media over the last few months, recently won a Best of Behance badge.

Moreover, they introduced us to a lovely friend, one that you might already know.

If you look closely, you will find Hapti in most of our visual language and social media. Try it by yourself some time!

Hapti was a thrilling experience to create and nurture together. What first started as a symbol variation on our logo design process became a beautiful example of how branding can serve a higher purpose when things are done right.

As weeks passed, it became crystal-clear that Hapti's potential to express our team's spirit and thoughts was a great way to support our brand moving forward. Hence came the idea of Hapti's moods – a variety of expressions and states designed not only to punctuate how do we feel about several subjects and news in the gaming landscape, but to bridge the gap between us and our potential audience.

You may have seen our mascot used sparingly across some social media posts, serving as a speaker for our fun but serious way of doing things and delivering a positive spirit to our audiences. But Hapti aren’t alone in the effort to bring an eclectic, upbringing light into how gaming recruitment gets done.

Gin Büro's illustrative work sets up Haptic apart from the crowd giving it a vintage, expressive look

To support Hapti’s mission, Gin Büro also created a fully illustrated set of graphics and doodles that truly bring together our message and inspiration. We believe this is one of the finest details that sets us apart from the usual visual narrative you find in gaming recruitment and will continue to grow during the following months.

All of this is work in progress, but we believe that, as our social media channels grow and get populated by this tasteful imagery, you will come to understand why we decided to go with such a different way to market ourselves.

A new website

Months of hard work and collaboration with Gin Büro and our web development team did wonders for our new website, as you may have been experiencing yourself

Our rebranding also included a re-development from scratch of our website. After a comprehensive review of our old site, we determined it was not up to the high-quality visual and communication standards we set for the new era of Haptic.

Fortunately, Gin Büro and our excellent web development team were more than up to the challenge.

After months of hard work and effort by all parties involved, and with our creative team's assistance, we delivered the best version of our website we have ever had. One that continues to portray our brand values, vision, and mission, while keeping easy to use and fun and giving you full access to our service offerings and additional support to the gaming industry – like the very article you are reading right now.

We wholeheartedly welcome you to visit all sections, but would love to give special attention to the following ones:

  • Open Jobs: our job board postings will keep you updated with all the fantastic opportunities and vacancies available from our top-class clients.
  • Podcast: our hub to ‘Hidden Levels with Haptic’ – available now on Spotify, with other podcast streaming platforms coming soon – is where you will find weekly updates on our episodes and other relevant news.
  • Blogs: although you have probably found this section by yourself, we still encourage you to keep following us, as our weekly blog articles and updates about the latest in the video game industry have returned to stay.

And, most importantly, if you want to learn more about our service offerings or our assistance in finding the next step in your career, both the Talent and Studios sections will carry you through the process.

What you can expect from us soon

Next stop: GDC 2024! First time for the team!

Now that our new brand is live across our website and social media, we invite you to keep engaging with us. We have several surprises set for our audience in the coming weeks, including our first visit to San Francisco and the Game Developer Conference – an event that, if you love the gaming industry as much as we do, you can’t afford to miss. You can read our blog article about this next Monday, as our director, James, and one of our senior talent consultants, RJ, set their feet in the Moscone Center for the first time.

You will also find a new Hidden Levels with Haptic episode available today on Spotify! Our Contract Manager and lead producer, Jordan, hosts ‘How to Produce a Hit Game’ with a stellar list of guests coming from all over the video game industry to give you a thorough understanding of how the best video games are produced, designed, and released today.

Finally, we would love you to follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram, as we are constantly updating our social media with the latest job opportunities and announcements for our talent and client network.

See you next Monday!

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